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Luckily, there's a number of handy helper functions you can use for most every data type.

Sanitization is a bit more liberal of an approach to accepting user data.

Just give the file a This problem: parsing XHTML that does not exist as a persistent file; that exists only inside the textarea input element, and so it does not have a file extension.

For example, if you're doing ad hoc testing of XHTML syntax and the corresponding results from v. But you're right: you have the file-upload option available for that.

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This style of validation most closely follows Word Press' whitelist philosophy: only allow the user to input what you're expecting.We then check to see if the value ended up as zero.If it did, we'll save an empty value to the database.We want to ensure the textarea's value is not longer than 20 characters and the grid contains at least two rows.To do so, we declare our validation rules in the following way: Calling function traverses all the input fields, apart from "submit", "reset", "button", "disabled" and "readonly" types and applies the validation rules to them. This function lets us specify explicitly to which element we want to apply our rules.

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