Updating xp pro to service pack 2

These files might include drivers particular to your hardware (especially a network driver so you can get online) and the application updates mentioned in Step 6 below.Be sure to download the XP SP3 standalone installer and download and install ISO Buster and Img Burn before proceeding.You can perform these steps in either Windows XP or Windows Vista, your choice.I've done it both ways, but the screen shots here show XP because, well, this is an XP-based process and all.

(Though that number will of course continue to go up over time.) While I will try and help readers who encounter problems integrating XP with SP3, understand that you proceed at your own risk.

But either OS works fine, with one caveat: For some reason, attempts to slipstreaming volume license versions of Windows XP Professional with Service Pack 3 under Windows Vista will not work, resulting in a condition where Product Activiation will not recognize a valid Product Key.

To overcome this problem, be sure to run Step 3 with admin privileges, as described in that step.

Then, click Next, give the Shortcut a name, and click Finish.

Run the shortcut by right-clicking it and choosing Run as administrator. (Thanks to John Straffin for the tip.) The Software Installation Wizard will appear and integrate the SP3 files into the XP with SP2 install files. (Type exit and then tap Enter.) Before you can burn the integrated files to CD, you will have to extract a hidden file found on your XP Setup CD; this file is used to help make your new CD bootable.

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