Updating british ships registration

Les testeurs ont terminé les essais des avions français et en l'honneur de cela, nous avons préparé pour vous un tournoi spécial "Deathmatch".

Dans le ciel de Normandie les pilotes de 5 avions français seront face à face avec l'ennemi, mais un seul gagnera!

These digitised Registers can be searched by any of the fields such as ship name, master, ship owner or place of build (some of the fields may be abbreviated such as ‘Capt’. Please note that only the sailing vessel volumes for 1893--9 have been scanned in, the steamer volumes and separate appendix for these years are not yet available online.

A privately-owned boat is considered a pleasure craft if, at the time of its journey, it's on a free voyage or excursion and used by: Pleasure craft can be registered on Part I or Part III of the register.When sending the application back, you should also include a fee of: A Certificate of Registry lasts for five years from the date of registration.If you want to close your registration, you need to fill in ' Application to remove a British ship from the register' form: The form must be signed by all the boat owners.Original (As Enacted or Made): The original version of the legislation as it stood when it was enacted or made. A pleasure craft is a boat (like a yacht) that is used for sport or pleasure.

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