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Before we start talking about “Dating in Japan” one thing should be crystal clear: If you’ve ever been to Japan you might have noticed that there’s a tremendous number of (often not so handsome) foreign guys walking hand-in-hand with Japanese women. However, be warned: If you want to read about bragging stories of all those Western guys who get laid a hundred times per day, then you came to the wrong place. You certainly won’t find that here – and not from a foreign girl like me!For foreign women it’s a completely different story.Japanese men seem to expect certain things from a woman.I also experienced that they’re unable to do anything on their own.When I ask them about how they got their cellphone or credit card they just answer they don’t know because their wife did it for them.Consequently they don’t see the need to study Japanese, because their wives will take care of it all.

The complete opposite is the case for (Western) foreign women in Japan.

Maybe they also think that a foreign woman might expect from their man that he’s telling his feelings straight out several times a day, something a shy Japanese man just won’t do.

Another problem is that many of the Japanese men seem to be afraid of their English ability and thus fail to approach a foreign woman.

Things that they fear a foreign woman would not agree to do (e.g.

stay home, take care of the kids, always pour new alcohol into his empty glass etc.).

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