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The City also reserves the right to reasonably request additional information or clarification of information provided in the proposal without changing the terms of the RFP.There is also this section; however it should not apply as there was an agreement reached, just not approved.

Watson-Munro, who has interviewed more than 30,000 subjects over the past 39 years, describes Cribb as one of the few genuinely evil men he has met.'When I worked at Parramatta Gaol, I was surrounded by end-of-the-line psychopaths,' he writes.The reasons for the cancellation or rejection shall be made part of the contract file.Seems the city attorney’s office is struggling since Fiddle took his Faddle and jumped ship.If an agreement cannot be reached with the highest ranked Proposer, the City will move to the next highest ranked Proposer.The same process will be repeated with the other ranked Proposers if no such agreement can be reached.

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