Pre op dating

Are there guys here who would even consider dating someone like me?Obviously there are men who will accept you for who you are. But, as Im sure you know, it wont be easy and there will be more rejections than acceptances.There is someone for everyone and not all men will be bothered but it will be small pool Happy fishing and probably best to let them contact you IMHOYes you are wasting your time on here... However, I'm ideally looking for something a little different than most women are looking for, but I'd be open to a monogamous relationship with the right woman, regardless of if she's cisgendered or transgendered.There are other sites more for your personal needs. As a Hetro Male I would NOT date you, not my thing. You will alway have the male x corazone, you will never have the female Y corazome. You'll probably find that many men out there will have difficulty accepting you as a woman.Are there guys here who would even consider dating someone like me? First off, a disclaimer that I cannot begin to understand the psychology behind, but I am going with the metaphor that one was born as a hermaphrodite and decided to make a choice of which parts to keep. Nevertheless, only you can decide if you are wasting your time.

But you probably shouldn't get your hopes up too much. If they treated it as like having an 11th toe removed rather than the defining characteristic of their life, then yes. Doesn't matter if you are pre op post op or genetically a woman.

I am not fully knowledgeable of sites that provide for what you are seeking, but I would think there are some out there that may be more accepting of it and give you a broader spectrum of choices. If so, maybe asking others what they have done may help. Well kudos to you for having the balls to post that on your profile.

(Poor choice of words, I know, but ya gotta admit...funny as hell.)Everyone has different types that they find attractive: there are men who only want to date heavier women or women that are vertically challenged or women who wear prosthetics, etc. But keep in mind that both men/women complain everyday in the forums about pof being a waste of time. I am sure they are men on pof totally open to dating a post op transsexual.

But no more so on Po F than anywhere else online or in life, except maybe some specialized transgender dating sites (I'm on a couple, you can message me if you want to know them, but I don't think either offers much promise--I changed my mail settings to make sure you can contact me if you want).

I don't have any difficulty with that personally, and I try to do my part to help change that attitude, but it's a slow and laborious process.

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