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His fiance, Du Liang Yan (also played Nikki Hsieh), has been badly injured in a mountain-climbing accident and it will take her a year to recover.In order to keep Liang Yan's condition secret and to retain his position as General Manager of the corporation Liang Yan's father runs, Terry offers to pay Da Hua's family's debt and give her the opportunity to get plastic surgery.With this plan, you will never go hungry, you will not count calories and your blood sugar will stay level thus balancing your hormones, preventing cravings for sweet things, and also balancing your mood.The Beach Body Plan will turn on your body’s fat-burning tap and keep it drip-drip-dripping until you reach your goal…if you stick to it.When Ke Xing finds the store and discovers Shu Lei’s amnesia, she and her boyfriend, Li Ze Xuan, try to job Shu Lei’s memory for their own personal gain.But will Ke Xing’s feelings get in the way of their plan?Then tragedy strikes again when Shu Lei gets into a car accident and loses his memory.

So I got on Netflix and found Princess's Stand In (aka Jin Da Hua De Hua Li Mao Xian or Jin Da Hua's Extravagant Adventure or Substitute Princess or King Flower).

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(It's bad, so bad.) Since childhood, she has been in love with Lin Guan Jun (James Wen), but he only looks at her like a sister, even though it's obvious to everyone how she feels (she's not subtle).

Right after it's revealed that her father owes over NT million in gambling debts, she meets Ouyang Tai (aka Terry) (Chris Wu).

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