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As The Washington Post put it recently, “Her vision is not of some impossible paradise where rich people sport among themselves, but a life that might be lived in any American suburb, right now, with the help of a few good recipes and decorating tips.” In an era when nesting is hot, millions of Americans are tuning in to Stewart’s message: Launched in 1991, the magazine Martha Stewart Living has a circulation of 1.3 million; her syndicated TV show reaches over 5 million viewers a week; she makes regular appearances on NBC’s Today show; and her Home for the Holidays, an hour-long special, will air on CBS in December.

To date, her products include 14 books, with a total of 5 million copies in print; six videos; signature sheets, towels and paints; a recipe collection, due in October; and a mailorder lineup that includes a cake-decorating kit.

Who are all those jolly folks at the potluck dinners and beach picnics featured in the magazine bearing her name?

And is there a spiritual side to the woman whose empire is built on the notion that God is in the details?

The new Star Wars" film has a dark side: Internet trolls are tucking spoilers into memes and posting them on Facebook groups, they're embedding them in the comments sections of newspaper websites (including this one), and they're throwing them into unrelated Reddit threads faster than moderators can...

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“I’m going bike-riding to Shelter Island,” she says to the reporter. Stewart’s trainer Trish Rayna bounds in to say happy birthday, and the phone rings every few minutes. Amid the merriment, Martha takes the receiver and says throatily, “We’re training the new butler, and he is so difficult.” But the vivaciousness quickly evaporates; when breakfast ends, Stewart busies herself clearing the table.

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(“I’m a brand,” she says proudly.) “She identifies with Madonna on a business level,” says Allen Grubman, the entertainment lawyer whose firm represents both.

And in January, she entered into a partnership with Time Publishing Ventures, Inc., which publishes Martha Stewart Living (and is a division of Time Inc., the publisher of PEOPLE).

That deal (terms are still under negotiation) could put her at the helm of a company with its own publishing, TV, interactive-media and merchandising projects.

When a stranger’s car rolls past the 15-foot hedges at a.m., America’s best-known hostess frowns.

As much as she loves special occasions, she is not feeling particularly festive at the moment.

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