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Regarding Security, the Office 365 platform ensures the encryption of data in transit and at rest.At rest, technology is used to encrypt all information on the servers’ hard drives.In addition, all files are segmented (in small pieces called chunks) and each segment is individually encrypted and encryption keys are securely stored in a different physical location.In transit, all files are encrypted with TLS using 2048-bit keys.But even if you throw it away immediately after creating it, the process of developing the document will still: Convinced this is a tool you need in your toolbelt yet?

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Security is therefore and increasingly not only a central concern for customers who evaluate a migration to the Last Saturday, I delivered a session at the Share Point Saturday event, that was for the first time held in Lisbon.

A very important note is that Microsoft does not have access to the organization’s data and the only occasions where this may be necessary is in resolving support incidents that require access to the data.

In these cases, and using a feature called , the customer can approve or reject access requests, and access is only granted in case the request is approved.

Developing the TO-BE diagram AS-IS process diagrams are completely useless unless you can effectively describe what the process will look like after you implement your new system.

The process of developing these documents is pretty similar to the AS-IS diagram except of course you're trying to fix the pain points.

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