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The report had been commissioned three years earlier by the then health secretary, David Ennals, and Black, who had been Chief Scientist at the Department of Health and Social Security (as it then was) from 1973 to 1977, was chosen to chair the inquiry team.Patrick Jenkin, the social services secretary, described the cost of implementing Black's proposals (which he estimated at £2 billion a year) as "quite unrealistic in present or any forseeable economic circumstances".The government did not formally publish the report, although 260 photocopies were made available on an August bank holiday.In fact, while Black's views were clearly to the Left of the government of the time, and although he later declared that "poverty and its effects was the root cause of the ill-health associated with it . Moreover, Black was too careful a scientist - and politician - baldly to claim in his scholarly publications that they had, although the same restraint did not always apply when he was interviewed by newspapers and magazines."I can be just as rhetorical as any politician when I'm writing a rather popular article," he admitted.

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