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Torrance learns that "Big Red" regularly attended the Clovers' practices to videotape and steal their routines.In the meantime, Missy is seen as a threat by the other female members of the squad (because of her outstanding gymnastic abilities), but she ends up becoming Torrance's best friend and de facto co-captain.The plot of the film centers around a team's preparation for and participation in cheerleading competitions.

Aaron, however, suggests that she is not leadership material and recommends that she step down from her position, selling her out in the process to Courtney and Whitney who have set themselves up as Torrance's rivals.

So Missy drives Torrance to Los Angeles, where they watch an African American team, the East Compton Clovers, perform routines that are virtually identical to their own team's.

Isis, the Clovers' team captain, angrily confronts the two.

In desperation, they employ a professional choreographer named Sparky Polastri to provide one, as suggested by Aaron.

But at the Regionals, the team scheduled immediately ahead of the Toros performs the exact routine they had been practicing.

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